Dr. AnnMarie Baines is a public speaker who is passionate about issues related to silencing, identity, youth voice and leadership, imposter syndrome, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and oral literacy and public speaking.

AnnMarie's talks are given either in person or online, reaching audiences around the country. She is available for:

  • Keynote speeches for conferences and events
  • Presentations and workshops for small or large audiences: 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes
  • Panelist or moderator for panel discussions and presentations

Listen to Young People

Dr. Baines enjoys co-presenting with her speech and debate students at The Practice Space, who are ages 5 to 18. Engage with her to bring on a youth co-presenter or youth panel with Dr. Baines as moderator or co-presenter.

Equitable Youth Voice in Schools

Dr. Baines is a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator for schools and districts on topics related to Universal Design for Learning, Project-Based Learning, equity, and youth voice.

Example talks include:

  • The Need for Kindness in Education
  • Forgotten Voices: Complex Identities of Mixed-Race Students
  • Creating Brave Spaces for Youth Voice
  • Activating Youth Leadership in Schools
  • Confidence for All: Equity through Speech and Debate
  • The Case for More Oral Literacy in Schools
  • Universal Design for Learning Through Youth Voice

Speaking in the Workplace

Dr. Baines speaks for nonprofits and companies about implicit bias, equity, and building confident public speaking skills.

Example talks include:

  • Speak for Yourself: The Importance of Original Thought and Breaking Templates
  • Exploring the Roots of Imposter Syndrome
  • Embracing the Fear of Public Speaking
  • Healing Through Voice
  • Being Kinder Audiences
  • Be 60% Ready: Changing How We Prepare to Speak
  • Implicit Bias and Public Speaking

Public Speaking Workshops and Coaching

Dr. Baines offers public speaking workshops and coaching through the nonprofit she founded, The Practice Space. Work with an experienced public speaking coach at The Practice Space to improve your own public speaking skills or support your team. Example packages include Speaking in the Workplace, Powerful Presentation, Tell Your Story, Event Preparation, Inclusive Facilitation, or a Custom Package. All fees go directly to The Practice Space and their nonprofit work with young people.

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