We need kindness to free our voices

Dr. AnnMarie Baines...

is a public speaker who is passionate about helping people whose voices have been silenced or underrepresented. She identifies as Filipino-American, with a speaking style that is approachable, upbeat, hopeful, and intellectual. 


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“Expressing yourself should be personally liberating for people of all ages and backgrounds, but right now, it’s not.”

- AnnMarie Baines


Dr. Baines draws on her experience as a quiet, mixed race girl who embraces her fear of public speaking while teaching people to do the same. She champions kind, joyful experiences to develop voice. 


Together with her colleagues at her nonprofit, The Practice Space, Dr. Baines introduces Expression-Driven Teaching as a way to pursue equity in education and counter the oppression that has long silenced the voices of marginalized groups.

If you want a public speaker who will inspire her listeners to get better or just be better, you want AnnMarie Baines. She is a difference maker, she speaks like a difference maker, and she inspires her audience to join her in difference-making.

Missy Park

Founder and CEO, Title Nine Sports

AnnMarie’s presence on the stage, in small groups, and one-on-one is authentic, engaging, and purposeful. Her ability to think deeply and articulate her inquiry is a model for all organizations that wish to disrupt the status quo.

Matt Henderson

Chief Superintendent and CEO, Winnipeg School Division

We envision a world where diverse communities of youth and adults feel capable, cared for, and free.

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